Sunday, January 6, 2013


Selamat Tahun Baru Masihi 2013. Hari ini kita lebih lebih tua dari semalam dan lebih hampir kepada kematian. Jadi, saya lebih suka mengingati diri saya sendiri.

A simple reminder to me...

Nik Daniyah...once death comes upon you, you will leave behind everything you possess. Your fortune, status, personal belongings, in brief, nothing you cherished in this world, will be any longer with you. Your naked body, wrapped in a simple cloth, will be placed in a pit. Meanwhile, your soul will turn to Allah, alone. Neither your social status, your name nor your wealth will be of any help to you. These were merely to test you. You are not their real owner; you have everything because Allah gives them to you. If Allah takes them back for some reason, you will never be able to retrieve them. Never forget that nothing happens to you except for what Allah has decreed for you. 

May Allah bless my soul.

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