Tuesday, June 24, 2014



I'm still struggling. Controlling what is in and what is out in this house. This house is smaller than the previous one. It has been a year. But at least I can convince my husband to let go some of his unnecessary items. I already let go mine. A lot of them but still have more to let go. I opt to be a minimalist now. Educating my children is not easy either. Slow but steady.

I'm enjoying my life without things. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Reading other people..

Best tau baca buku ni..

The content is straight forward. Small book yet informative. Boleh habis baca dalam 1-2 hari sahaja. Dia beritahu perkara yang orang tak suka dengar tapi itu lah hakikat manusia yang sebenarnya. Amaran : Untuk orang yang suka bagi alasan...tak payah baca buku ni! :P

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

We are only human.


Someone is in trouble. He said it is his fate. But I am quite disagree. At certain level, we are responsible for our fate. If all things are fated what's the use of knowledge? Why we seek knowledge then. Well, I accept the fact that we are only human.

I can see where the problem lies. Unfortunately he is not a listening type. He was telling me about the trouble only for 2 reasons as I see it;

1) Venting out his frustration
2) Buying my sympathy and side.

Bearing in mind, he just want my ears not my advice. About advice; if people don‘t ask it, they don‘t want it! For his particular case, I remembered 2 advice from my 2 different ex-bosses. They said:

1) Sometimes when we retreat a step, we already won the battle.
2) When we managed to cross the bridge, we are ok.

Well it is more on picturesque speech but it means a lot to me. It keeps my sanity in any situation. Most importantly, I manage to stay happy and out of trouble most of the time. As the saying goes ; a clever person is the one who can solve the problem but a wise person is the one who can avoid the problem.

You know now which one I prefer to be! :-) Anyway, I am not that smart either b'cos I always pray for Allah's help. He is the al-HAKEEM.

Thursday, June 12, 2014



Few days passed. Hari ni baru sempat nak update blog balik.  Kan dah cakap x free pun. Ini pun baru balik dari breakfast dengan hubby just before he went off to work. It has been our routine to hv breakfast together since we moved here. 

Tadi buka fb sekejap dan sekarang tulis blog. Kekadang buka fb pun dah malas. Kalau fikir2 pun kenapa ya kita update status yg ntah apa2 kat situ. Atau pun tengok status orang lain yg x ada kena mengena pun dengan kita.  Kecuali status2 yg lebih memberi ilmu kat kita. Kalau unfriend kang takut kecik hati. Anyway, saya lebih suka "hide" friends yg saya x suka statusnya. I think they don't even know. Kalau pun ada kawan yang "hide" saya, I don't even bother!

My hubby will be back by lunch since we are going to KL. Cuti sekolah masih berbaki sedikit lg. Saya rasa nak jumpa emak kat KL sebelum puasa ni. Hari Sabtu balik semula sebab Ahad sekolah buka semula. Cuti sekolah ni cuma jalan ke Cameron Highland saja dan ziarah kawan di Ipoh yg kahwin kan anaknya. So glad meeting with my schoolmate after 30 years!

Well...I have to go. Nak pack baju sikit dan kemas rumah lebih kurang.  Wish me for a safe journey dunia dan akhirat. 


Wednesday, June 4, 2014



We meet again in this cyber world. Hope everybody is doing fine.

Few months passed since I wrote my last entry. How time flies! Pejam celik saya dah berumur 46 tahun pd April lalu. Alhamdulillah, looking back...I think I have enough. ALLAH is generous enough to me. Cuma saya rasa saya masih belum cukup amal kebaikan utk saya bertemu dengan Tuhan sekalian alam. Masih byk dosa yang dilakukan setiap hari sama ada sedar atau tidak. Semoga Allah mengampuni dosa2 saya. Dan saya berharap segala makhluk juga memaafkan kesalahan2 saya.

So much about that, I think I would like to make this blog as my journal. I'm a forgetful person and lately my forgetfulness is becoming tremendous. Maybe by keeping journal it might help me somehow remembering what I've done to my life. And maybe it can also be beneficial to someone. Inshaa Allah.

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