Tuesday, June 17, 2014

We are only human.


Someone is in trouble. He said it is his fate. But I am quite disagree. At certain level, we are responsible for our fate. If all things are fated what's the use of knowledge? Why we seek knowledge then. Well, I accept the fact that we are only human.

I can see where the problem lies. Unfortunately he is not a listening type. He was telling me about the trouble only for 2 reasons as I see it;

1) Venting out his frustration
2) Buying my sympathy and side.

Bearing in mind, he just want my ears not my advice. About advice; if people don‘t ask it, they don‘t want it! For his particular case, I remembered 2 advice from my 2 different ex-bosses. They said:

1) Sometimes when we retreat a step, we already won the battle.
2) When we managed to cross the bridge, we are ok.

Well it is more on picturesque speech but it means a lot to me. It keeps my sanity in any situation. Most importantly, I manage to stay happy and out of trouble most of the time. As the saying goes ; a clever person is the one who can solve the problem but a wise person is the one who can avoid the problem.

You know now which one I prefer to be! :-) Anyway, I am not that smart either b'cos I always pray for Allah's help. He is the al-HAKEEM.

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