Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Decluttering Your Life

Cantik dan kemas...tapi bukan rumah ku.

I've been very busy lately. Biasalah tu. Nama lagi hidup. Always things to be done. Just to share one book that I've just discovered. The contents seem interesting. It is about decluttering your life. The tittle is It's All Too Much by Peter Walsh. Sebenarnya bukan setakat sampah sarap yang ada dalam rumah kita sajer tapi cara kita mengendalikan financial dan relationship juga kena ada konsep "decluttering" ni.

It's All To Much excerpt :

Imagine the life you want to live. I cannot think of a sentence that has had more impact on the lives of people I have worked with. ... When clutter fills your home, not only does it block your space, but it also blocks your vision.
You need space to live a happy, fruitful life. If you fill up that space with stuff for "the next house," your present life suffers. Stop claiming your house is too small. The amount of space you have cannot be changed -- the amount of stuff you have can.
I know it sounds strange, but if you start by focusing on the clutter, you will never get organized. Getting truly organized is rarely about "the stuff."
This is the bottom line: If your stuff and the way it is organized is getting you to your goals... fantastic. But if it's impeding your vision for the the life you want, then why is it in your home? Why is it in your life? Why do you cling to it? For me, this is the only starting point in dealing with clutter.
If it's taken you ten years or more to accumulate your mess, it's impossible to make it disappear overnight. Letting go is a learning process. You might need to start slowly, and it may take time to discover that not having things makes your life better, not worse.

There are only three options for each and every item you come across in this, your initial purge:
1) Keep. This is the stuff that you want to stay in your home. You use it all the time. It's crucial to the life you want to live. Or (let's be honest) you don't really use it, but can't bear to part with it just now.
2) Trash. Remember that every bag you fill is space you've created to live and love your life. Everything you decide to throw away is a victory. Make it a competition to see who can fill more trash bags.
3) Out the door. So you've had trouble getting rid of stuff because it's "valuable"? Well, here's your chance to either make a little money or let someone put it to real use. The items that go into the "out the door" zone are items that you are either going to sell--a yard sale, on consignment, or even online--or you are going to donate to a charitable organization. Other items here include things that are being returned to their rightful owners or to someone who has a real use for that item. Once in this pile, the item never comes back into your home.

Itulah sedikit sebanyak yang boleh di kongsi kat sini. Seingat aku memang hari2 ada jer barang2 yang aku buang. Tapi rumah tak kemas mana pun...hehehehe. So, happy decluttering your home and your life!


Unknown said...

Decluttering our house; no problem, there's maid to help. Decluttering our life; that's very hard to do when the accumulation has been piling up for the past 42 yrs, like Kak Lut. Life is complicated but no pain no gain. Kan?

Neeza Shahril said...

this reminds me of my late Opah. Plastik beli ikan tu dia basuh, jemur da simpan. Katanya, ada guna tu.. Memang pun.. tapi kan, masa dia meninggal dunia, orang kemas barang2, tak larat nak tengok.. segala macam mak nenek ada..

Semoga Opah tenang disana.. neeza tak salahkan Opah.. neeza sendiri pun cam tu.. kalau tak shahril kata, buang aje lah.. mesti rumah neeza boleh jadi warehouse sampah sarap hehee..

tommy hilfiger said...

u g tengok ada satu rumah belakang shell teluk sisek. if u like the design.

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