Wednesday, February 18, 2009


She really makes me laugh. She is the youngest and the most creative. Scribbles on every surface she wants to. Plays with all the toys she wants to and fight with her sisters if she wants to. I found that she has a good EQ. She knows what to say and when to say it. Sometimes she makes me mad! At one time she was scribing on the wall and my husband said, "OK let her does the scribbling over there and let it be her scribbling space". Fine with me. The only problem is, that is not the only space she did her is all over the place when she wants to. Even though I gave a piece of paper to her like I did to all her sisters. Oh....what a girl!

Today she picked something up while waiting for me talking to her Kak Nyah's teacher and bring it inside the car. It just a piece of steel rod that look like a door handle. She knocked it against the car window. I told her to stop it or the window may shatter and her daddy will get upset. You know what she said, of course in Malay. "Nanti ayah marah Mirah, dia tanya saper buat?". Mirah cakap , "Mirah buat" pastu ayah kata , "Mirah..." pastu ayah gelak "Hahahaha...." Well, what she said was true. My husband was always like that. He may upset for a while for certain incident and sometimes he did not upset at all. The most important thing that I learned from him is about generosity and sincerity. May be we can talk about it later.

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