Friday, February 13, 2009

The State of Perak

I was born in Perak. To be accurate in Kg Air Panas, Grik,Perak. All of mybrothers and sisters were born in Perak. Hey! there are 16 of us!
I'm rather sad what had happened there. I don't like take sides. I like to work on facts & figures.
I know life is not fair sometimes, but that is life and welcome to the real world! I was not a law student but I took business law as one of my subjects when I was in the University. So, why bother.
Everybody seems interested to interpret Perak Legislative Law intheir own terms and favours. Come on guys...lawyers are people who make those rules or terms & conditions which only they can understand and worst still they make us hire them to make us understand! How they managed to make our lives I have to say it more?

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