Friday, July 9, 2010

Kes hangin satu badan...

I'm seriously upset...tak tahu nak kata macam mana dah. Speechless. My eldest text me that she already got the scholarship. She asked me if she has to save the money. Of course yes b'cos we are gonna give her the allowance from our pocket money. Later she text me again asking me to call her after Isyak. Fine.

Bila aku call...dia nak tanya sesuatu kata nya. "Kakak nak jadi agent Score-A Programme boleh?". Sorry...I have to mention the name here! Then she was explaining to me what it is all about. In fact, I already know what it is all about! She was missing some points somewhere. Hmm....aku rasa cam nak naik angin betul dengan orang2 Score-A tu. They are really interested with the students' money I know. Cuba bayang kan RM500 satu kepala...berapa ramai student kat UIA tu? They put it in such a way that everything look so easy to the students. It is all about networking kata nya!

"Well..." I said, "If you need my approval, the answer is no! They are after your money, not helping you." I know that she was not happy with my answer. I was not either. We changed our subject...but everything was cold.

I talked to my husband and he was upset as well. The next day, she text me again. Pledging me to listen to the Score-A Programme people. Hangin lagi aku rasa....

I discussed it with my husband. "I think you are not listening to her," kata nya. Alamak! terkena lah pulak aku. Memang betul pun sebab aku memang emosional terutamanya bab2 MLM ni. Aku memang concern tentang wang yang di laburkan dan pulangan nya. Apatah lagi anak aku masih belajar, manalah ada masa nak buat benda2 macam tu. Belum masa nya lagi. "Itu pendapat awak, ada awak tanya macam mana anak awak plan nak buat?" tanya suami aku lagi. "Awak tak boleh assume dia sama seperti awak. Mana awak tahu mungkin dia boleh melaku kan nya. Kita tak boleh biar kan dia asyik2 mintak approval dari kita setiap masa," tambah nya. "Sometimes, let her taste her own medicine," kata nya lagi. "So, we should prepare to lose that RM500 lah ya?" tanya ku. "It is just a money...," kata suami ku. "Expensive lesson," tambah ku. "There is always price to pay for any lesson," sahut suami ku.

I text her later. "Salam. I'm sorry for not listening to you. We trust your judgement. Anyway, it is your money. Just spend wisely. Luv u." Few minutes later she replied; "Ok, thanx a lot.Luv u 2".

What upset me most is I cannot protect her from this kind of things any longer. The only thing I can do now is praying to ALLAH to protect her and give her the wisdom when she needs it most. Ya ALLAH, por favor!


Didie said...

Teenagers mmg begitu ler Kak Nik. Rasanya kalau Kak Nik ckp NO pun, mesti buat jugak sorok2. Takpelah, mothers can always pray for their children. Let her do what ever she wants. Kalau silap, at least she learn. Lagipun you have already warned her the consequences.

Ainur68 said...

Didie...been there, done that! Nak kata dak, hehehe..

mokja said...

Sometimes we mothers have got to step back and let our children learn their own lesson.But mothers being mothers,we were afraid that our children will be hurt...hence our sleepless nights,our moans and groans.Penat doh jadi ibu ibu.

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