Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Take humour seriously!

My friend was complaining about her husband. "Childish!" katanya. "Ada ker laptop dia letak stickers. For God sake, he is a Senior Manager. What other people will think about him especially during meeting!". (Do you know that 80% of the time, people will think about themselves rather than other people...so who cares?)

Hmm...I reserved my comment to her. I respect her thinking. There is no way I can change her thinking. Let me tell you a story.

Long time ago, I used to be a rational person (macam ler skarang x rational...ahaks). Serious, matured and a perfectionist! Then, I have some problems with my husband (Gigi dan lidah lagi kan tergigit dik ooi...) Who I see as someone immature and childish sometimes. "What the hell is he thinking!" I said to myself.

But...through time, I started to realise. There is NO fun being right or being a perfectionist. Then I started to let go things. I learned to laugh at myself. It is OK to be wrong, it is OK to be imperfect and it is OK to be childish sometimes ...mind you, my husband may grow old but he will never grow up! I accepted that fact. I let go all the SHOULDs word in my life vocabulary. If things happened which I think it shouldn't, then I think again. There are a lot of "shouldn't" things happened around us. Don't be so sulky over it. The world is PERFECT as it is. And I'm happy with it b'cos I cannot change the whole world but I can only change myself.

To all; do not be so serious in life but take humor seriously! Now I'm still practicing 3 things; I called it letting go J.C.B. (i.e judging, controlling and being right). Cheers!

May happiness be with you always.

P/S : My friend was recently divorced after 17th years of marriage. And I feel sorry for her.


Didie said...

err, husband dia kawen ngan orang lain ker?? :-/

Ainur68 said...

Hmm...husband dia x kawen pun dengan org lain tu, tapi dah kena tranfer KL. Tak tahu lah kalau dia yg mintak transfer sendiri. Opps...bergossip lak kita...ahaks!

wani husin said...

betul2..perfect tak best..takde nilai kadang2 rasanya..teringat seorang member..umur dah 37 masih tak kawin2...rupa ada,kerjaya hebat,berharta tetapi terlalu memilih untuk mencari yg sempurna..WTH....ntah sapelah yang jadi wife dia nanti..heheheh

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