Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good day, Bad Day...

Have you ever experienced a good day and a bad day in your lives? I think this is common. Sometimes you will ever wonder,"What did I do to deserve this?" Mind you, this must be a law of attraction in progress!

I have a bad day yesterday. Hangin satu badan...wakaka. Let me tell you in this way;

Story 1 :
I missed a Nationwide delivery just a few minutes after sending my house cleaner back home. Bingo! in my letter box a note with "Nationwide Express Missed U!" Huh, I missed U 2 I guess....Later, I called the Nationwide Kuantan so that the lorry can redeliver the consignment. Well, they are unable to give me the lorry driver contact number for certain reasons, (I don't know why, last time I have the lorry driver's number!). Keep on changing a new driver. They advised me that they will contact the driver and ask him to redeliver the consignment. Mind you, after waiting for so long...still no delivery. Call again & again. Menyakitkan hati. At the end of the day...still NO DELIVERY! Belum cerita pasal consignment yang I tunggu tu. I've been waiting since last week. Asked Nationwide to collect from my supplier in Singapore on previous Monday lagi. Faxed them a collection letter, tak follow up rupanya! At last, I contacted Nationwide Singapore myself on Wednesday. Singapore office collected the goods on Thursday but unfortunately my supplier did not enclose any invoice. He...geram betul lah pulak. Things settled later but they informed me that the goods can only be delivered on Tuesday. Bad news is, this order is overdue to my customer by one week. Got the picture! I'm still waiting for the delivery until now.

Story 2 :
Got the order for capstan wire,18mm x 40mtr last Saturday. Placed the order immediately considering my customer is looking for 2~3days delivery. The order clearly stated thimble eye on both ends. A day before they called and informed that they have made a mistake. They need one thimble eye end and one soft eye end. Well, customer is always right! Called my supplier to change one end and luckily they accepted. Delivery time yesterday, opps...both soft eye ends! It is already noon. Pity them, after changing the ends first time, it became second time. I was not sure whether they can make it including delivery to Kemaman on the same day! How am I going to tell my customer? Sorry, I'm dead? Come on have a better reason than that! Or keep silence? Silence is golden. What a relief when I called later in the evening to confirm if they managed to change and deliver, they said it is done.I love this supplier!

Story 3 :
Afifah (my eldest) called late afternoon to tell me that she still couldn't find the RM50.00 she lost it earlier. It was her Chemistry class money. She must be lost or misplaced it. I said, "Fine, you must replace it with your own money!" She was upset since she only had RM50 that I gave for her pocket money before went back to school (hostel). I asked her to borrow from her friends for a while before I come to see her. Then she started to argue....bla bla bla. End of discussion. Later, she called again and apologies.

Story 4 :
My fax/telephone rang at 11pm. I was already in bed. Went out and picked it up. Nobody at the other end. Then my mobile rang, "Sorry we would like to fax you! Please turn on your fax machine." What! at this hour and "that guy" is still he crazy or what? Oh....another PO for me but....partial order! Such a bad news! Is this a really GOOD NIGHT to me? PLEASE......

Well, what a day! It was really pinching my heart. Anyway, looking back...I choose not to upset or angry about it. I constantly telling myself "I cannot control everything in my life. What I can control is me. I choose to take thing easy and everything is going to be OK. Have a good laugh at it! Lets law of attraction doing the rest of the jobs. Welcome to the real world!". Need I to tell you more?


Prof. Era Pasca said...

bad luck from us... good luck from ALLAH
sila lah melawat kesah di sebalik kekecohan sidang DUN MELAKA yang diwar-warkan media TORTOQ UMNO...

Neeza Shahril said...

bravo kak Nik!! keep the positive thinking all the way..
*always impress with your cheer and laughter..

remember you taught me about the ayat 1000 dinar.. I'm still practising it.. thanks for the advice. Really appreciate it..

maza said...

salam kak nik itewww


KakLut said...

Jemput ke blog

blog orgtua baru belajar..hehe

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