Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tentang Ego


Dah lama saya ada e-book buku ni, tapi tak sempat nak baca. Maklum lah, bukan ada iPad pun saya ni. Harap mengadap computer jer baru boleh baca. Tapi sebab harganya RM4.40 masa Book Fair hari tu, saya ambik lah satu. I bet physical book is better than e-book...atau pun saya ni old school, muahaha...

Mind you, very interesting book! The excerpt of the book;

A large part of many people’s lives is consumed by an obsessive preoccupation with things. This is why one of the ills of our times is object proliferation. When you can no feel the life that you are, you are likely to fill up your life with things. As a spiritual practice, I suggest that you investigate your relationship with the world of things through self observation, and in particular, things that are designated with the word “my.” You need to be alert and honest to find out, for example, whether your sense of self worth is bound up with things you possess. Do certain things induce a subtle feeling of importance or superiority? Does the lack of them make you feel inferior to others who have more than you? Do you casually mention things you own or show them off to increase your sense of worth in someone else’s eyes and through them in your own? Do you feel resentful or angry and somehow diminished in your sense of self when someone else has more than you or when you lose a prized possession?

Apa2 pun saya masih lagi belum habis membacanya. Selamat membaca!

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