Monday, January 18, 2010

How to Keep Your Man Happy!


Things You'll Need:

* A Man


* Moderately Easy

Step 1

Remember that most men are Ego based. If you feel that he is the most important part of you. Let him know. Tell him that he is handsome or strong. Let him know that you think he is the most wonderful man in the world. But do this often. Email him or text him. Not like a maniac but occasionally. Too much is a little like stalking. (Hey of my life, did I tell you that you are the most handsome guy on earth!)

Step 2

SEX when you first got together with your significant other,you had sex a lot. Now not so much. WHY? Dress up a little for him (lingerie). Come on to him. Men are not the only ones who want that intimate feeling. If you are one of those women wo think that you are punishing him by not making love you are fooling yourself. In the end you will be the one who has lost that battle. Making Love is how men show that they love you. It is not a reward. It is an emotion. (My sacred place!)

Step 3

Let him be the man! In todays society it is so easy for a woman to take on the roles that a man and a woman have. Men can also play both roles but it seems easier for a woman to jump into both shoes. Let him be the man. Ask him to help you with things (even if you could do it yourself). "Honey can you get this jar top off?" But you also need to stick to your role. If he works hard during the day and you not so much, what is the harm of cooking and cleaning up the dishes. Be fair. Even if you think to yourself "Why can't he do the dishes?" Most men (Not all) feel that it is a womens job. Just like you feel cutting the grass should be a mans job. (Come on deep down you know its true). They are classic stereotypical roles but that is how it is. Let him be a MAN. ('re the big boss Honey!)

Step 4

Remember that most men cannot multi task. The brain of men is wired differently. It is found that women have more nerve receptors between the left side and right side of the brain. Therefore women can multi task easier than men. Asking them to do a lot at once will be counterproductive. Just let the men concentrate on one thing at a time if you want good results.(Ok...Ok...I got it!)

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