Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How much is enough?


Hari ini sudah 14 hari kita berpuasa. Aku doakan semoga kita berterusan di dalam rahmat dan lindungan ALLAH s.w.t. Amin.

Early this morning I heard in the news that one of the sports celebrities is finally divorced and the wife walk away with more than USD100mil. Wow...that is much! Then I have second thot, is that really really enough for her considering her ex worth more than billions?

I remembered the time when I quit my job 3 years ago in order to be a home maker and doing some small business with my own savings (3 years eh...). I was subjected to the envy of all the ladies in the office. One of the colleagues made a remark that she will feel comfortable if she has RM10K in her account. RM10K is considered enough for her. They wished they were me (it has been almost every lady dreams to quit their jobs and spend their life at home you know...pity us). What they did not know was, I still did not have enough during that time. Still short here and there but I quit my job anyway.

How much I wish I have RM100K the least in my account, then I considered it as enough. But then...what would I do if I hit that amount, OMG that is not enough! What can you do with RM100K nowadays? The answer is...not much. Home renovation could take you RM10~20K or more, your child's university education takes another RM30K~40K, performing Hajj /Umrah or holidays with the family may take you another RM30K, emergency fund at least another RM10K. What is left...then you are poor again! Let alone a down payment for the BMW!!!! Then you have to work for it again and again and ...again.

Then I started to realise, enough doesn't mean that you have a lot of money or have a lot of material things. Enough is what you feel inside your heart. Enough is when you feel blessed with what you have but not with what you don't.

Let's go back to the celebrity's ex-wife, I believe that it may not be enough to her considering her current lifestyle that she is having at the moment, she must be craving for more. Then it must be true that; It's not your salary that makes you rich, it's your spending habits ~Charles A. Jaffe.

May ALLAH gives us enough.

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